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I help people feel safe with change and get on their true path to wellness. 

Truest Wellness

 is a holistic wellness practice that specializes in alternative holistic  healing modalities of breathwork, meditation, energy work, yoga, plant and sound medicine. Through personalized guidance, consulting, workshops, and advocacy, we empower transformative journeys. Our approach is rooted in healing-centered and trauma-informed practices, addressing the myriad of challenges you encounter in today's ever-evolving world. Available for private, couples, group, and corporate engagements.

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 Discovery Call

Set up a discovery call today and we will assess your needs to determine how to best support you.

Hello, I'm Truest

Through my expertise, I offer support to individuals and organizations in transforming their mindset, overcoming obstacles, and providing holistic health guidance. I utilize alternative healing modalities like integrative coaching, healing-informed sound therapy, mindfulness, and energy work. By promoting psychologically safe approaches for making necessary adjustments, I aim to enhance overall wellness, facilitate healing, and improve individual and team performance with grace.


I hold multiple business credentials along with wellness certifications including trauma informed sound therapy, Himalayan kriya, tantra meditation, yin yoga, Yoga 12-Steps and Recovery, Access BARS, and energy work. 

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